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If Tommy Wiseau's The Room is "The Citizen Kane of bad films", my question is: "Is David Fincher's Mank the Citizen Kane of impenetrable biopics?" Set in Hollywood, starring Gary Oldman as the titular character (officially known as Herman J. Mankiewicz), the film's narrative jumps back and forth between the present (1940) and various flashbacks in the 1930s. After receiving complete creative freedom from production company RKO, Orson Welles (played by Tom Burke) hires Mank as his screenwriter for his first feature film - the legendary Citizen Kane (1941). However, Mank is a notorious alcoholic and the film's producer (Sam Troughton), Mank's secretary (Lily Collins), and Orson Welles express concerns over the screenplay's density, as well as its looming deadline. It goes without saying that Mank's appeal for cinephiles is its story, about what many consider to be the greatest film ever made . There is an appetite for biopics that explore t