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Call for Dreams

If you haven't seen Call for Dreams , stop what you're doing (yes, including reading this review, I won't mind) and go and do so right now. It's on Amazon Prime . You have no excuse. I recently re-watched it for the third time, and it gets better and better with each viewing. In fact, I would probably say it's the best film of 2019. Set in a nocturnal, rain-drenched, neon-lit Tokyo, Eko (Mami Shimazaki) places an advert in a newspaper, offering her services as a dream interpreter. Prospective clients simply need to call the number in the ad, leave a voicemail with a description of their dream and Eko "might get back to them" and re-enact the dream with the client (but this is a service purely for non-sexual purposes). However, Eko finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation in Tel Aviv after a client leaves a message describing a dream in which he shoots a Japanese woman. From the beginning of the film, it's apparent that the boundarie